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Digital marketing and paid media helps your B2B messages cut through the noise

What is Paid Media?

​Paid media refers to digital marketing efforts that involve a paid placement. Paid media includes sponsored Facebook posts, pay-per-click advertising, branded content, and display ads. Paid media is an essential component of revenue growth and brand awareness for any business.

News, features, profiles, white papers, video content, and inbound marketing  

The difference between Paid, Earned, and Owned media

​Owned media is a website, blog or other web entity that you control. Earned media is content that organically travels across the web based on its popularity and inherent value, such as reviews and social media comments. Paid media, on the other hand, is closer to traditional marketing, whereby you pay a third party to broadcast your message to other individuals.

Though it was once possible to firmly categorise all media as either paid, earned, or owned, the omni-channel experience is blurring these lines. For example — social media is technically earned media, but it allows for paid placements. This makes it a platform that supports varying strategies, techniques, and campaign types.

It's advertising, but with content & comms in its heart and soul  

Why use paid media?

​Paid media is a good way of opening doors that would otherwise stay closed. For some users, a promoted post or tweet will be their first exposure to your business or brand.  Your paid content will deliver clicks and followers, leading to earned clicks in the future.

Additionally, the results of your paid content will offer more trackable data analytics. Social media providers typically provide statistics on how many views, clicks and shares your paid content receives, so paid media can show engagement results and value.


Finally, just because content is promoted doesn't mean it's not valuable. As many social media experts will tell you, the ways of the Internet and social media are mysterious, and there's often no way to explain or predict why one piece of content becomes more popular than another. Sometimes, it's just a matter of the moment. Paid promotions can help ensure your content - whether a promotion for a big sale, an update on a charity or cause, or an informative video aimed at establishing you as a thought leader - gets picked up, shared around and goes to the right influencers.

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