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Digital marketing budgets rise as events sector remains on hold

B2B agencies see increase in client spend on online sponsorships

iGaming brands are responding to CoronaVirus setbacks by diverting budgets from events to digital marketing, as seen by a number of agencies in the sector, suggests Jools Moore, director of Arrow&Square comms and content consultancy. As the B2B iGaming industry reacts quickly to the seismic shift in marketing focus for 2020, many have re-routed budgets from cancelled events activities to boost B2B comms, digital, and paid media campaigns. Moore commented, “We’ve seen an influx of enquiries from clients and new connections keen to re-position marketing activities to online platforms across trade media outlets, social media messaging, and paid media sponsorships. Friends in the industry and other agency owners in the iGaming community are reporting similar focus reviews for brands.” While there are a number of digital events swiftly springing up from around the global events sector, marketers are not relying on these opportunities to temporarily replace the value of face-to-face networking opportunities, resulting in a new perspective being taken with regard to online messaging and B2B comms. “Visibility is something that brands have somewhat taken for granted with the global events calendar before now”, added Moore. “With the lack of real world events to gather industry professionals together and facilitate new business discussions and opportunities, brands are showing resilience in quickly adapting their brand awareness and messaging campaigns.” It’s hoped that industry events may re-start towards the end of 2020, but with uncertainty remaining about the possibility of recurring waves of infection causing further travel restrictions even into 2021, the sector is prudently taking nothing for granted and opening new avenues for continued business communications. Arrow&Square, a B2B comms and content consultancy with a footprint in Malta and London, is offering free advice for iGaming companies whose marketing communications activity for 2020-2021 has been disrupted by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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